Workflow for Pediatric Midface and Orbital Reconstruction With a Patient-Specific Autogenous Bone Graft

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Extensive midface and orbital reconstruction is challenging, especially in a pediatric population. A 13-year-old patient was diagnosed with fibrous dysplasia of the midface, which required complete resection of the zygomatic bone and orbital floor. The authors present a complete midface and orbital reconstruction, using a patient-specific autologous bone graft, in a growing pediatric patient. Postoperative analysis showed a symmetric orbital floor and good clinical outcome. After 12 months of follow up, no bone resorption was observed. Patient-specific autologous bone grafts have a clear role in the treatment algorithm of patients with large skull bone defects, with emphasis on the pediatric patient. The advantages can be even greater in a pediatric population, because they can benefit more from the minimal invasive approach. Furthermore, this technique allows single-stage complex reconstructive surgeries with a decreased operating time.

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