Visual Acuity and Contrast Sensitivity of the Amblyopic Eye as a Function of the Stimulated Region of the Retina

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Translator's Note: Some of the information contained in this translation was included in an oral presentation by Prof. Avetisov at a symposium held in Giessen in 1966, and was published in English as a paper (Methods and Results in Examination of Fixation in Amblyopia) in International Strabismus Symposium, editor, A. Arruga, Basel/Switzerland, S. Karger, pp. 14-19, 1968. Several authors1-4 have cited this short symposium paper with differing interpretations. Correspondence with Avetisov for clarification revealed that a more complete version of his study was published as a chapter in Russian, which is translated here with the author's permission. Avetisov's results are tied to the important and current question of whether acuity is higher at the fovea or at the eccentric locus of eccentrically fixating amblyopic eyes; the answer bears directly on the etiology of eccentric fixation.

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