Phase Separation Inhibitors and Lens Transparency

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A phase separation inhibitor, WR77913 [S-3(amino-2-hydroxypropyl) phosphorothioate], was tested for its effects on lens opacification in the radiation (RAD), selenite (SEL), galactose (GAL), streptozotocin (STZ), and Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) models for cataract. A single i.p. injection of WR77913, approximately 15 min before induction of cataract formation by RAD, SEL, STZ delayed or inhibited opacification. Repeated administration was necessary to delay or inhibit opacification in the GAL or RCS models for cataracts. The results suggest that phase separation inhibitors such as WR77913 have the potential to delay or inhibit lens opacification resulting from a variety of physiological or biochemical mechanisms.

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