Free-Floating Vitreous Cyst

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Cysts of the vitreous are an unusual clinical finding, with only about 50 such cases reported in the literature. The sizes of the cyst may vary from 0.15 to 12 mm, and they have been found in the anterior and posterior vitreous. The etiology has been theorized to be both congenital anf acquired. Acquired cysts may be due to trauma or other forms of introcular inflammation. Pigments cysts are belived to orginate from the pars ciliaries and nonpigmented cysts are likely to be derived from the remnants of the hyaloidal artry system. The appearences of the cysts are striking and are often seen as clear spherical bodies in the vitreous with interesting interlacing surface patterns. The cysts arre beingn and are of little significance, expect when they enroach on the visual axis and produce visual disturbances (usually floater symptoms).

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