Effects of Lid Suturing and Trans-Scleral Cryotherapy on Ocular Growth in a Piglet Model

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To study whether lid suturing can induce axial myopia and explore whether trans-scleral cryotherapy can affect ocular growth in piglets or not


A total of fourteen 2- to 3-week-old piglets were studied. Three groups were included: lid suture, cryotherapy, and both lid suture/cryotherapy groups. The lid suturing group (N=6) was given lid suturing to produce visual deprivation. The cryotherapy group (N=4) received transcleral cryotherapy 360° to encircle anterior to the equator. Both treatment groups (N=4) received both cryotherapy and lid suturing. The cycloplegic refraction, corneal power, biometric axial length, and intraocular pressure (IOP) were measured before the experiments and 4 months later.


Mild axial myopia was induced in five lid-sutured eyes of the lid suturing group. The ocular refraction and eye size of cryotherapy eyes were not different from the control eyes in the cryotherapy group. More myopia was found in all four piglets that received both cryotherapy and lid suturing.


Lid suturing can induce axial myopia; however, cryotherapy did not affect normal eye growth and did not prevent the development of lid suturing myopia in piglets.

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