Subjective Ratings and Satisfaction in Contact Lens Wear

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SIGNIFICANCEThis study shows satisfaction in contact lens (CL) wear is influenced by both comfort and vision. Eighty-six percent of participants were willing to continue with trial CL wear if satisfied with both comfort and vision, dropping to 50% if either variable was unsatisfactory and 0% if both were unsatisfactory.PURPOSEThe aim of this study was to understand the relationship between subjective ratings and satisfaction with CL wear.METHODSThis was a retrospective analysis of two daily-disposable CL trials (delefilcon A, somofilcon A) on participants 40 years or younger followed over 3 months. Subjective ratings (numerical rating scale 1 to 10, 1-point step) collected at visits following baseline (2 weeks, 1 and 3 months) included comfort (insertion, during day, end of day), vision clarity, and binary response for satisfaction with comfort and vision (yes/no). Willingness to continue with trial CL was obtained at completion.RESULTSThere was no significant association of comfort on insertion with comfort satisfaction (odds ratio [OR], 1.2; P = .30); however, comfort during day (OR, 2.1; P < .001) and end of day (OR, 3.4; P < .001) was associated with comfort satisfaction. For comfort during day ratings of at least 8/10 and end of day of at least 6/10, 90% of participants were considered satisfied. There was a 14% increase in participants satisfied with comfort for each unit increase on the numerical rating scale from ratings of 3 to 8 for comfort during day and a 20% increase from ratings of 3 to 7 for comfort end of day. The percentage of satisfied participants reached its maximum at a lower end of day rating (8/10) compared with during day (10/10). The percentage of participants satisfied with vision reached its maximum (100%) at a vision rating of 9/10.CONCLUSIONSSatisfaction in CL wear is influenced by both comfort and vision. A higher rating for comfort during the day compared with end of day is necessary for participants to attain satisfaction.

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