Photoluminescence of InAs Self-Organized Quantum Dots Formation on InP Substrate by MOCVD

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In this letter, we present results of photoluminescence (PL) emission from single-layer and multilayer InAs self-organized quantum dots (QDs), which were grown on (001) InP substrate. The room temperature PL peak of the single-layer QDs locates at 1608 nm, and full width at half-maximum (FWHM) of the PL peak is 71 meV. The PL peak of the multilayer QDs locates at 1478 nm, PL intensity of which is stronger than that of single-layer QDs. The single-layer QD PL spectra also display excited state emission and state filling as the excitation intensity is increased. Low temperature PL spectra show a weak peak between the peaks of QDs and wetting layer (WL), which suggests the recombination between electrons in the WL and holes in the dots.

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