Comparison of four different suture materials in soft tissues of rats

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OBJECTIVESThe purpose of this in vivo study was to histopathologically evaluate the inflammatory reaction incited by Vicryl in rats and compare this material with various suture materials that are widely used in the clinic.SUBJECTS AND METHODSFour different suture materials, catgut, silk, polypropylene, and Vicryl were used in soft tissues of 32 Sprague–Dawley rats. Incisions performed were sutured by a standard technique. Eight rats were killed at the first, third, fifth, and seventh days. Histopathological evaluation of the en bloc samples was performed by determining the density of seven cell-types. A numerical grading from one to three was used. The data were statistically analysed by Kruskal–Wallis one way ANOVA and Dunn's tests.RESULTSVicryl has produced the mildest tissue reaction among the test materials at all experimental periods (P < 0.05). Total cell number value in Vicryl group was found to be significantly lower than the one in catgut group (P < 0.05).CONCLUSIONUnder the conditions of this study, the results demonstrated that Vicryl as a suture material produced the mildest tissue reaction during early healing period.

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