Gingival mass as the primary manifestation of multiple myeloma: Report of two cases

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Two cases of multiple myeloma with primary manifestations in the oral cavity are reported, both presernting as a mandibular gingival/alveolar mass with hypermobility of the adjacent teeth. Roentgenographic examination demonstrated concomitant “punched-out” osteolytic jawbone lesions. After biopsy of the gingival mass was performed, multiple myeloma was subsequently diagnosed in both cases. Systemic bone scanning revealed multiple osteolytic bone lesions involving the skull and various skeletal bones. Hematologic screening showed a monoclonal gammopathy in both cases. A bone marrow biopsy confirmed the diagnosis of multiple myeloma. Awareness of the maxillofacial manifestations of multiple myeloma is important for early detection of the disease, especially in patients with initial oral involvement.

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