Concurrence of torus palatinus with palatal and buccal exostoses: Case report and review of the literature

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Exostoses, also known as hyperostoses, are localized bony protuberances that arise from the cortical plate. These developmental anomalies, or hamartomas, frequently affect the skeletal jaw. Different types of exostoses have been described. Torus palatinus and torus mandibularis are two of the most common intraoral exostoses. Other types of exostoses, affecting the palatal aspect of the maxilla (palatal exostoses) or the buccal aspects of the jaws (buccal exostoses), are less commonly encountered. Concurrence of different forms of exostoses in the same individual is very rare. A 48-year-old woman manifesting excessive palatal exostoses, torus palatinus, and buccal exostoses is described. We present the clinical and histopathologic features and applied therapy and provide a comprehensive review of the current features of exostoses.

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