Diamond fraise technique for dermal grafts in temporomandibular disk reconstruction

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Dermal grafts have been described for a variety of applications, including preprosthetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, and temporomandibular joint surgery. Several reports have described the procedural techniques for acquiring a dermal graft. The surgical technique for harvesting a dermal graft with the use of the dermabrading diamond fraise bur is described. The use of the diamond fraise bur offers many unique surgical advantages: it allows minimal damage to the dermal layer; the healing surface is smooth, cosmetic, homogenous, and devoid of scratches or debris; an adequate graft of uniform thickness is obtained; the technique allows access to a variety of donor sites; and minimal patient postoperative donor site morbidity. The use of this technique provides a simple, cosmetic approach to obtaining an adequate dermal graft for temporomandibular joint reconstructive procedures, while minimizing the potential complications associated with other commonly used techniques.

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