Histopathologic and radiographic findings of the simple bone cyst

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Objective.The purpose of this study is to examine the correlation between histopathologic and radiographic findings and to discuss the cause of the simple bone cyst.Study design.Histopathologically, we classified 53 simple bone cysts into two types. Type A has a connective tissue membrane and type B has a partially thickened wall with dysplastic bone formation. Radiographically, we evaluated the following: margin, radiolucency, or radiopacity, relationship with tooth apices, bucco-lingual bone expansion, and displacement of the mandibular canal.Results.Bone expansion and radiopacity were closely related to histopathologic findings although there was no correlation between the histopathologic findings and radiographic margin, relationship with tooth apices, and displacement of mandibular canal. Local recurrence was more likely to be observed in patients diagnosed as having type B than type A lesions.Conclusions.Type A and type B bone cysts may have different causes. Cysts determined radiographically to be radiopaque, those diagnosed as type B histopathologically, and cysts that have been treated surgically should all be followed by radiographic examinations.

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