Self-reinforced bioresorbable poly-L/DL-Lactide [SR-P(L/DL)LA[ 70/30 miniplates and miniscrews are reliable for fixation of anterior mandibular fractures: A pilot study

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ObjectiveBioresorbable osteofixation devices are being increasingly used in orthognathic surgery and in cases of trauma to avoid problems associated with conventional metal osteofixation devices. The aim of this clinical study was to assess the reliability and efficacy of bioresorbable self-reinforced poly-L/DL-lactide (SR-P(L/DL)LA 70/30) plates and screws in the fixation of mandibular fractures in adults.Study designTen patients (20 to 49 years old) with isolated anterior mandibular parasymphyseal fractures were treated by means of open reduction and internal fixation using SR-P(L/DL)LA 70/30 bioresorbable plates and screws.ResultsDuring the minimum of 6 months of follow-up, no problems were encountered except for 1 case where a plate became exposed intraorally and infected. This required debridement and later excision of the exposed part of the plate. Despite this setback the fractured bone healed well.ConclusionsSR-P(L/DL)LA 70/30 plates and screws are reliable for internal fixation of anterior mandibular fractures in adults. Proper soft tissue coverage should be ensured to avoid plate exposure. Should implant exposure occur, it might be necessary to excise the exposed part after fracture healing (6–8 weeks postoperatively).

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