The effect of CO2 laser irradiation on PDL cell attachment to resected root surfaces

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ObjectivesThe effect of CO2 laser irradiation on PDL attachment to resected root ends was evaluated.Study designForty dentin wafers were divided into 4 equal groups. Groups I and II were not subjected to laser irradiation. Groups III and IV were subjected to irradiation with CO2 laser (wave length 10.6 mm). PDL cells attachment to the resected root surface (lased/non lased) and cell attachment to the root end filling material (gutta percha and MTA) were evaluated utilizing immunoflouresence microscopy and SEM.ResultsPDL cell attachment was observed on dentin surfaces (control samples) and dentin away from the laser strikes (irradiated samples). PDL cell attachment was observed on MTA but was absent on gutta percha.ConclusionAbsence of PDL attachment to laser irradiated dentin could be attributed to morphological surface changes in dentin produced by laser irradiation.

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