Perforation risks associated with the use of Masserann endodontic kit drills in mandibular molars

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PurposeThe use of Masserann kit is a frequently recommended technique for the removal of canal obstructions. Although this technique is usually successful, it may cause excessive removal of dentin tissue in root canals. The aim of this study is to evaluate the perforation risk and the remaining dentin thickness in mesial canals of mandibular molars following the use of Masserann kit.Study designFifty-three extracted human mandibular molars were selected for the study. The teeth were separated into 3 groups based on the degree of curvature of the root canals. By using Radio Visio Graphy and Coral Draw 8.0 software packages, the dentin/cement thickness of root canal was measured before and after the use of Masseran kit drills.ResultsIn the severely and moderately curved mesial root of mandibular molars, the Masserann Kit increased the risk of creating thin or perforated walls. Additionally, after 7.5mm depth of drilling, the percentage of perforations increased in all groups.ConclusionsWith respect to endangering the dentinal walls towards the apex of root canals, Masserann kit drills were found to increase the risk of perforations in curved canals and in deep preparations.

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