Evaluation of a muscle relaxant on sequelae of third molar surgery: a pilot study

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ObjectiveThe aim of this preliminary study was to evaluate the influence of the muscle relaxant tizanidine following third molar surgery on the main variables trismus and pain as well as on swelling.Study designFifty healthy patients participated in this prospective clinical study. The test group received tizanidine (4 mg in the evenings for the first 2 postoperative days) in addition to antibiotic and antiinflammatory medications. Postoperatively, 1 independent investigator performed clinical examinations. Appropriate statistical analysis was used to evaluate data.ResultsThere was no statistically significant difference in facial pain and swelling between the two groups. Statistically significant improvement was detected when the groups were compared for mouth opening ability at days one and three.ConclusionThe results of this trial indicate that the influence of tizanidine on trismus, pain, and swelling does not justify prescription of the additional medication.

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