Endoscopically assisted enucleation and curettage of large mandibular odontogenic keratocyst

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This article reports a case of a mandibular multilocular keratocyst treated with endoscopically assisted enucleation and curettage. An ectopic third molar displaced in the coronoid process area was also removed.Odontogenic keratocysts (OKCs) are known for their propensity to recur. The incomplete removal of the cyst is one of the mechanisms for which it is thought that the keratocyst recurs. The endoscopic assistance allowed us to explore accurately the operative field and the areas of difficult access, improving the complete removal of the cystic lesion. Moreover, it allowed us to monitor closely the separation of the cyst lining from the inferior alveolar nerve and limit the extension of the surgical approach.At 3-year follow-up no evidence of recurrence was evidenced by radiological and clinical controls.

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