Intralesional laser treatment of voluminous vascular lesions in the oral cavity

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Objective.In laser treatment of voluminous vascular lesions, there are many cases in which submucosally located angioma remnants cannot be reached by noncontact superficial laser application. To diminish these remnants we used intralesional photocoagulation (ILP) in treatment of oral vascular lesions, because this approach is effective in treatment of voluminous vascular lesions of the skin.Study design.Four cases of voluminous vascular malformation in the oral cavity were treated by ILP using a potassium-titanyl-phosphate (KTP) laser. In 1 case, treatment was carried out under ultrasound and manual control.Results.All lesions showed more than 70% regression after the first ILP session, and the treatment outcome was satisfactory. There were no serious complications, such as bleeding or invasive infection. Ultrasonography was useful for guiding laser treatment in the oral cavity.Conclusion.Intralesional photocoagulation treatment with a KTP laser is effective and safe for treatment of a vascular lesion in the oral cavity.

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