Uncomplicated crown fracture, complicated crown-root fracture, and horizontal root fracture simultaneously treated in a patient during emergency visit: a case report

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Complicated crown fractures are not uncommon in cases of severe trauma or sports related injury. Such patients report with pain because of exposed pulp and need emergency care. Because of impaired function, esthetics, and phonetics, such patients are quite apprehensive during their emergency visit. Successful pain management with immediate restoration of function, esthetics, and phonetics should be the prime objective when handling such cases. This article describes immediate treatment of oblique crown root fracture of maxillary left central incisor, horizontal root fracture of maxillary left lateral incisor, and uncomplicated crown fracture of maxillary right central incisor. Maxillary left central incisor was treated with reattachment procedure using light-transmitting fiber post (D.T. Light Post; Bisco, Schaumburg, IL, USA); maxillary left lateral incisor subsequently healed after splinting for 7 weeks, and direct composite build-up was done on maxillary right central incisor. After 2 years, the reattached fragment had satisfying esthetics and excellent function and pulp was still vital in maxillary left lateral incisor and maxillary right central incisor. Various treatment modalities for traumatically injured incisors are shown in this article.

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