Dentin removal efficacy over time of the Buc-1 ultrasonic tip

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ObjectiveThe purpose of this study was to determine the loss of efficacy over time of the Buc-1 ultrasonic tip in dentin blocks.Study designAn ultrasonic handpiece was mounted to the loading arm of a universal testing machine and a downward force of 15 g was applied in 20-sec cycles for a total of 30 min of instrumentation. Efficacy was measured by the change in weight of the dentin block to the nearest 0.01 mg after 2, 10, 20, and 30 minutes of instrumentation (n = 5 tips).ResultsDentin removal decreased significantly between 2 and 10 minutes of instrumentation with no further significant decrease after 20 or 30 minutes (1-factor analysis of variance: α = .05).ConclusionThe evidence suggests there is a significant decrease in dentin removal efficacy of the Buc-1 tip after 10 minutes of instrumentation. Continued instrumentation for up to 30 minutes showed no further decrease in efficacy.

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