Association of chronic periodontitis and psoriasis: periodontal status with severity of psoriasis

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The chronic periodontitis (CP) and psoriasis share common risk factors and co-morbidities. This study was designed to explore how frequently CP is associated with patients with psoriasis compared to systemic healthy subjects.


The periodontal clinical parameters probing depth (PD), periodontal attachment level (PAL), and presence or absence of radiographic bone loss (J Periodontol, 78, 2007, 1387) were recorded in 33 psoriasis subjects and 35 healthy subjects. The severity of psoriasis was assessed and recorded by Psoriasis Area and Severity Index as described earlier by Cohen et al (J Dermatolog Treat, 16, 2005, 308). The other oral health characteristics were also recorded.


Probing depth and PAL showed significant higher values in psoriasis group compared with healthy group. It was also found that periodontal status was associated with severity of psoriasis.


The results showed a link between CP and psoriasis. This suggests the need for a multidisciplinary approach to manage psoriasis patients with chronic periodontitis, especially in relation to current and future treatment.

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