Cervical Muscular Endurance Performance in Women With and Without Migraine

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BACKGROUND:Despite previous evidence, the association between migraines and cervical muscular performance is unclear.OBJECTIVE:To compare the differences in neck flexor and extensor muscle endurance between women with and without migraine.METHODS:In this cross-sectional, controlled laboratory study, 26 women with migraine and 26 age-matched women without migraine or headache were assessed using clinical tests of neck flexor and extensor muscle endurance. Holding times were compared between groups using the Mann-Whitney U test for independent samples.RESULTS:Patients with migraine exhibited a lower holding time for both neck extensor endurance (P = .001) and neck flexor endurance (P<.001) than did the controls. The median neck flexor holding time was 35.0 seconds for the migraine group and 60.5 seconds for the control group. The migraine group held the neck extensor endurance test position for a median of 166.5 seconds compared to 290.5 seconds held by the control group. Both groups reported a similar level of neck pain during the endurance tests (P>.05); however, only individuals in the migraine group reported pain referred to the head during testing.CONCLUSION:Women with migraine demonstrated decreased neck flexor and extensor endurance compared to women without migraine, which may indicate an association between migraine and reduced performance of the neck muscles.

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