Differences in Articular Track Area of Posterior-Stabilized and Cruciate-Retaining Retrieved Total Knee Implants

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Press-fit condylar total knee arthroplasties removed at revision surgery from 27 knees were examined. Fourteen of the implants were posterior-stabilized press-fit condylar systems and 13 were cruciate-retaining press-fit condylar systems. The articular track areas were examined using a digital camera and manual measurements. Findings revealed the track area in posterior-stabilized implants (93%) was larger than in cruciate-retaining implants (59%). Mean posterior distance ratio of the articular track from the posterior limit of the polyethylene was 2% (.08 cm) for posterior-stabilized implants versus 23% (.97 cm) for cruciate-retaining implants. No differences in wear rating were noted. The pattern of articular contact in cruciate-retaining knees demonstrated little migration of the femoral contact surface across the tibial polyethylene plateau.

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