Graft-supplemented, Augmented External Fixation in the Treatment of Intra-articular Distal Radial Fractures

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abstractThis article compares the functional and radiographic outcomes of intra-articular distal radial fractures treated with augmented external fixation in which autologous cancellous bone grafting or Norian SRS (Norian Corp, Cupertino, Calif) was used for filling the metaphyseal void. Thirty non-randomized patients, 15 in each group, with AO type C distal radius fractures (20 men and 10 women; average age: 48 years) were operatively treated between 1998–2000 and retrospectively evaluated. Radial inclination, radial length, volar tilt, and Modified Mayo Wrist Score were assessed at the most recent follow-up evaluation (average: 33.3 months). Overall, 12 (80%) patients in the Norian group had an excellent or good result, 2 had fair, and 1 had poor. In the autologous iliac bone graft group, the results were excellent or good in 11 (73.3%) patients, fair in 1, and poor in 2. No statistical difference between the two types of grafting was noted. Norian SRS is equally effective to cancellous bone as supplementary graft in comminuted distal radial fractures treated by external and Kirschner-wire fixation.

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