Bilateral and Simultaneous Triceps Avulsions in a Patient With Chronic Renal Failure Receiving Long-term Peritoneal Dialysis

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abstractFull article available online at bilateral triceps tendon avulsions are extremely rare; only 4 cases have been reported in the international literature. This article describes a case of a 32-year-old woman with bilateral and simultaneous avulsions of the triceps tendons. She suffers from chronic renal failure and undergoes peritoneal dialysis every day.The patient presented with ecchymosis and swelling at the posterior aspect of both elbows. While climbing stairs a few hours earlier, she had fallen back on both outstretched arms, experienced moderate pain, and heard a sudden popping sound in her right elbow, followed by similar pain in the left elbow. On examination, she revealed intact extensor mechanism. Radiographs revealed a small osseous flake just proximal to the olecranon in both arms and the absence of associated fractures. During surgery, both triceps tendons appeared normal, other than being avulsed at their tendo-osseous junction. The patient obtained a successful result and full range of motion bilaterally within 3 months postoperatively.A high index of suspicion is needed and careful attention should be paid to elbow pain after minor trauma so that triceps injuries, especially in chronic kidney disease cases, are not missed.

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