Dental core trainee teaching of dental students in a clinical setting: a pilot study

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This study aims to gain opinions from both dental core trainees and undergraduate dental students in relation to dental core trainees undertaking a clinical teacher role when supervising undergraduate students in a clinical setting.

Materials and methods

Forty-five undergraduate students completed a written questionnaire following a clinic being supervised by dental core trainees to provide feedback on their experience. A focus group was held with 12 dental core trainees to ascertain their thoughts and feeling in relation to supervising undergraduate students.


Undergraduates appeared to give positive feedback and found dental core trainees to be approachable and provided adequate feedback. However, areas of improvement were identified by students in relation to their grading and in providing feedback on performance. Dental core trainees enjoyed their teaching experience, though a range of concerns were highlighted in relation to this.


This study demonstrated that undergraduates and dental core trainees were satisfied with the educational experience. Areas for improvement were demonstrated in training of the grading scheme used and in assessment of students' knowledge.

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