Current diagnosis and treatment of laryngocele in adults

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To evaluate the treatment outcome of a series of laryngoceles and to comment on the current diagnosis and management of laryngoceles.


A retrospective review of charts, radiological and histopathological notes, videolaryngostroboscopic records, and acoustic voice analyses of patients with laryngocele treated over a 10-year period was undertaken.


Seven patients had internal laryngoceles; one had external; another one had combined laryngocele. Patients with internal laryngocele underwent endoscopic CO2 laser resection, while those with external or combined laryngocele were treated via external approach. Quality of voice was improved and no recurrences were encountered during the follow-up. No evidence of laryngeal cancer was found on the histological examinations.


Endoscopic CO2 laser resection of internal laryngocele provides a reliable and cost-effective method that minimizes hospitalization and the need for tracheotomy. We believe that advances in the applications of laser in microlaryngosurgery will alter the traditional management of all type of laryngoceles.

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