A pilot randomized control trial of scar repigmentation with UV light and dry tattooing

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This study assessed the utility of focused scar injury with an ink-free tattooing technique combined with UV light exposure for the treatment of hypopigmented cervicofacial scars.


Pilot prospective, randomized, control trial.


Individuals with long-standing hypopigmented cervicofacial scars.


Twenty individuals randomly underwent UVA light exposure with or without dry tattooing. Scars were evaluated pretreatment and at seven-months post-treatment. Outcome measures included observer and patient subjective assessment of the scar, and objective evaluation of the erythema and melanin content of the scar and the surrounding skin.


The tattoo group demonstrated statistically significant improvement in the subjective evaluation of their scars. Scar melanin content reached equivalence with the surrounding skin. Observer and patient subjective global ratings support the use of dry tattooing.


Dry-tattooing followed by UV light exposure may provide a safe and effective means for the treatment of hypopigmented scars.

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