Endoscopic Repair of Nasal Septal Perforation with “Slide and Patch” Technique

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The aim of this study is to report our new endoscopic technique for the repair of nasal septal perforations, called the “slide and patch” technique because it combines a mucoperiosteal free graft of the inferior turbinate with a mucosal rotational or advancement flap from the nasal septum.


Twenty-two patients with symptomatic septal nasal perforation of various sizes underwent our method of repair.


At the last follow-up, 21 (95.4%) perforations were closed. There was a partial closure in only 1 patient with a large perforation (3.5 cm in diameter). After surgery, 19 (86.3%) patients were asymptomatic, 2 (9%) showed persistence of crusting, and 1 (4.5%) showed the appearance of nasal obstruction 1 month postoperatively.


The method described herein has shown to be effective in nasal septal perforation repair and in nasal symptoms relief with the advantage of not requiring grafts from outside the nose.

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