Current Trends in Perioperative Antibiotic Use: A Survey of Otolaryngologists

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This study describes the patterns of perioperative antimicrobial use by otolaryngologists during common otolaryngologic surgical procedures. Through the American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery Infectious Diseases Committee, a survey was developed to assess the current practice patterns regarding the use of perioperative antibiotics in otolaryngology. A total of 6903 surveys were sent out; 458 were fully or partially completed, and a total of 442 responses were included in the final analysis. Most physicians reported routinely prescribing antibiotics either preoperatively or postoperatively for 12 of the 17 procedures included in the questionnaire despite providers agreeing that there is not enough evidence to support their use. The most common procedure for which antibiotics were prescribed was laryngectomy (91.1%). Antibiotic use is a common practice during the perioperative period for otolaryngologic procedures; however, there is a discrepancy between utilization and evidence of benefit.

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