Inferior Turbinate Swing Technique: A Novel Surgical Route to Approach Maxillary Sinus Area Pathology

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The inferior turbinate is an important structure for maintenance of adequate physiologic function within the nasal cavity. However, it hampers access to lesions involving maxillary sinus areas, including postoperative mucocele or benign tumor, and acts as an inferior limit to widening the natural ostium of a maxillary sinus. Here, we introduce a novel technique, interior turbinate swing, to facilitate entry to the inferior meatus or maxillary sinus while maintaining integrity of the inferior turbinate. In this technique, the anterior part of inferior turbinate is cut with sharp scissors, rotated posteriorly, and held in the nasopharynx. The inferior turbinate swing technique was employed in 38 subjects, and no patients exhibited recurrence of the causative disease without complication. Therefore, we may conclude that the inferior turbinate swing technique is a simple, effective, and safe treatment option for the management of postoperative mucocele, maxillary sinusitis with narrow inlet, or benign tumors.

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