Evaluation of the Short Hybrid Electrode in Human Temporal Bones

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The current hybrid electrode can be inserted without trauma to the temporal bone and, after insertion, assumes a position within the scala tympani near the outer cochlear wall just beneath the basilar membrane.


Conservation of residual hearing after cochlear implant electrode insertion requires a special insertion technique and an atraumatic short electrode. This allows electroacoustic stimulation in ears with significant residual hearing.


Human cadaveric temporal bones were implanted with soft surgical technique under fluoroscopic observation. Dehydrated and resin-impregnated bones are dissected. Real-time electrode insertion behavior and electrode position were evaluated. The bones are examined for evidence of insertion-related trauma.


No gross trauma was observed in the implanted bones, and the electrode dynamics evaluation revealed smooth scala tympani insertions.


Atraumatic insertion of the 10-mm hybrid electrode can be accomplished using an appropriate cochleostomy and insertion technique.

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