Otopathology of Vasculitis in Granulomatosis With Polyangitis

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To describe the temporal bone histopathology of vasculitis in granulomatosis with polyangitis.


Granulomatosis with polyangitis is an autoimmune disease that presents as granulomatosis and vasculitis. Otologic findings, including otitis media, hearing loss, vertigo, and facial paralysis are common in this condition.

Material and Methods:

The temporal bones of four subjects with manifestations of vasculitis attributed to granulomatosis with polyangitis were studied under light microscopy.


The four subjects had manifestations of vasculitis including hemorrhage within the cochlea and vestibule, and inflammation and occlusion of vessels in the lateral cochlear wall and the vasa nervorum of the facial nerve.


We infer that sensorineural hearing loss, vestibulopathy, and facial nerve paresis in granulomatosis with polyangitis can be the results of vasculitis.

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