Secondary Endolymphatic Hydrops

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Hypothesis:A review of the most recent literature will provide clinicians with an update of secondary endolymphatic hydrops, aiding in diagnosis and treatment of affected patients.Background:Secondary endolymphatic hydrops is a pathologic finding of the inner ear resulting in episodic vertigo and intermittent hearing loss. It is a finding for which extensive research is being performed.Methods:A review of the most recent literature on secondary endolymphatic hydrops was performed using PubMed literature search.Results:Recent investigation of secondary endolymphatic hydrops has brought attention to traumatic and inflammatory insults as causes for secondary endolymphatic hydrops. Such etiologies, including postsurgical effects of cochlear implantation and endolymphatic sac ablation; otosclerosis and its operative intervention(s); acoustic and mechanical trauma; medications; and systemic inflammatory processes, have been determined as causes of secondary lymphatic hydrops. Histopathological slides for many of the etiologies of secondary endolymphatic hydrops are presented.Conclusion:Through an understanding of the pathophysiology and etiologies of secondary endolymphatic hydrops, clinicians will gain a better understanding of this complex disease process, which will aid in treatment of patients with this disease process.

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