Venous Diverticula Causing Pulsatile Tinnitus Treated With Coil Embolization and Stent Placement With Resolution of Symptoms: Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature

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Objective:To report two cases of pulsatile tinnitus caused by complex venous diverticula with successful treatment via coil embolization and stent placement followed by complete resolution of symptoms. We also review the literature pertaining to venous diverticula causing pulsatile tinnitus treated using endovascular techniques.Patients:Two women patients, aged 27 and 29 years, presented to our institution with 3-month histories of pulsatile tinnitus. In each case, non-invasive imaging and conventional digital subtraction angiography (DSA) confirmed the presence of a complex right transverse-sigmoid sinus junction diverticulum.Intervention:Both patients underwent stent-assisted coil embolization of the venous diverticula.Main Outcome and Results:Clinical and DSA follow-up at 6 and 12 months confirmed resolution of symptoms with obliteration of the venous diverticulum. We also performed a PubMed database search for the period January 1995 through June 2016 using the terms pulsatile tinnitus, venous aneurysm/diverticulum, stent-assisted coil embolization, and endovascular treatment and identified reports of 14 additional patients treated using endovascular techniques.Conclusions:Venous sinus diverticula causing pulsatile tinnitus can be successfully treated with stent-assisted coil embolization with complete resolution of clinical symptoms. This is in concordance with 13 case reports in the literature involving 14 patients with venous sinus diverticula treated using endovascular techniques.

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