Stable Longitudinal Performance of Adult Cochlear Implant Users for More Than 10 Years

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To analyze the long-term performance of cochlear implant patients.

Study Design:

Retrospective longitudinal study.


Tertiary referral center with a large cochlear implant program.

Main Outcome Measure:

Speech perception scores in quiet and in background noise in the short-term (1.12 ± 0.15 yr) and long-term (12.61 ± 2.34 yr) after implantation.


Fifty-eight implanted ears from 55 patients with a mean age of 51.80 ± 1.757 years at the time of implantation were included.


Speech perception scores were stable in the long-term for up to 20 years postimplantation. When alteration of speech perception over time was investigated in relation to the age at implantation, there was a deterioration of the scores in quiet in older patients (>60 years old at the time of surgery). In addition the speech comprehension in noise was negatively correlated with the age at the time of the test.


The speech perception abilities of cochlear implant users are stable in the long-term and at the most may be affected by the age of the patients, as it is known from acoustic hearing.

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