Mastoid and Inner Ear Measurements in Patients With Menière's Disease

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To determine the relationship between radiographic temporal bone anatomy of patients with Menière's disease in medically and surgically managed populations versus controls.

Study Design:

Retrospective chart review.


Two tertiary referral centers.


Adults older than 18 years with Menière's disease treated with endolymphatic sac decompression (ESD) or medical management (non-ESD) versus controls.


Magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography imaging studies of the temporal bones were reviewed by blinded radiologists.

Main Outcome Measures:

Radiographic temporal bone dimensions were measured in Menière's disease and control patients. Age, sex, symptoms, audiogram data, academy classification of Menière's disease, and follow-up were recorded. Statistical analysis was performed to compare outcome measures across groups and demographics.


A total of 90 imaging studies were reviewed (ESD = 22; non-ESD = 30; control = 38). ESD and non-ESD groups had similar pure-tone averages (33.9 ± 20.6 versus 41.6 ± 22.6 dB HL; p = 0.21) and frequency of definite Menière's disease (59.1% versus 53.3%; p = 0.68). There was no significant trend between groups for any measurement. One nonsignificant trend existed in mean vestibule length, increasing from the control (5.45 ± 0.54 mm), non-ESD (5.80 ± 0.97 mm), and ESD (5.94 ± 0.81 mm) group. In a combined Menière's group, mean vestibule length was significantly greater than controls (5.86 ± 0.89 versus 5.45 ± 0.54 mm; p = 0.008) and mean vestibule width significantly less (2.99 ± 0.46 versus 3.19 ± 0.39 mm; p = 0.024).


Medical and surgical Menière's patients were similar utilizing academy classification. There was no significant trend between medical and surgical Menière's patients versus controls for any measurement. In a combined Menière's group, the longer and narrower vestibule anatomy may suggest an anatomical basis for endolymphatic hydrops.

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