A Case of Reversible Ventricular Tachycardia and Complete Atrioventricular Block Associated with Primary Cardiac B-Cell Lymphoma

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We report a long-term survival case of primary cardiac lymphoma with reversible ventricular tachycardia (VT) and complete atrioventricular block (C-AVB). A 65-year-old man with VT was treated by oral amiodarone administration. Later, a dual-chamber pacemaker was implanted because of C-AVB. Then, he was readmitted, as he complained of fever and chest pain. Echocardiography showed an enlarged cardiac mass and thus an open-chest biopsy was performed. He was then diagnosed with primary cardiac lymphoma. The chemotherapy and radiotherapy resulted in the disappearance of the mass. Complete remission has been maintained for 8 years after the therapy, and no VT or C-AVB has been detected.

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