Are results of the SF-36 health survey and the Nottingham health profile similar in migraine patients?

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summarySeveral studies have evaluated the effect of migraine on health-related quality of life by using different questionnaires.Fifty-five female patients with migraine were included in the study. Their ages were between 22 and 60 years and they met the International Headache Society's criteria for the diagnosis of migraine with or without aura. The Turkish version of the Nottingham health profile (NHP) and of the short form 36 (SF-36) questionnaires were administered to the patients during their visit to the outpatient clinic. Our results showed that responses to the SF-36 showed less ‘ceiling’ and ‘floor’ effect and were less skewed and more homogenously distributed than the responses to the NHP. Also, the correlation between scores of comparable scales of the two instruments were significant, except for pain scales. We concluded that in assessing the health status of patients with migraine, SF-36 and NHP questionnaires generally give similar and consistent results, however responses given to SF-36 questionnaire have more homogenous distribution and therefore it should be preferred.

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