Neuropathic pain in cancer survivors

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The occurrence of pain in cancer survivors may be debilitating. These pain syndromes may be of different types, including neuropathic pain. The research related to cancer management has been done extensively in certain areas, but such research in cancer survivors is still lacking. The chronic pain in cancer survivors is not only under-reported but also under-treated. The assessment of pain in cancer survivors is multifaceted because of many domains like physical, social and psychological. Usually, the pain management may be considered similar to that for chronic noncancer pain, but with a caveat that such pain may at times be indicative of cancer recurrence. The multidisciplinary and multimodal management is essential for such neuralgic pain in cancer survivors. This may require a balanced combination of pharmacological and nonpharmacological techniques, including psychological support. The overall goal that remains in such patients for pain management is to improve the quality of life. Here we review certain pertinent aspects of neuropathic pain in cancer survivors.

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