El derecho internacional, instrumento esencial para la promoción de la salud mental en las AméricasInternational law: an instrument for promoting mental health in the Americas

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SYNOPSISThe standards that have been established by international law for the protection of the basic rights and fundamental liberties of mental patients have unfortunately received little promotion and regrettably have not been used to design or reform current mental health systems. This limited awareness of international standards leads to frequent violations of the basic rights and fundamental liberties of the mentally handicapped, and the dissemination of such standards would therefore foster respect for such rights. It is certainly true that these violations undermine the health of mental patients; thus, disseminating the standards would also help improve the treatment and rehabilitation of affected individuals. International law is thus an essential tool for effective mental health promotion, and its dissemination is essential if general norms and international standards for the protection of mental patients are to be incorporated in national policies, plans, and mental health laws.

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