Effect of Long-Term Treatment with a Purified Micronized Flavonoid Fraction on Pancreatic Mononuclear Cell Infiltration in Diabetic BB Rats

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Bio Breeding (BB) rats develop a genetically determined insulin-dependent diabetes, because of the early destruction of pancreatic beta cells of Langerhans islets, massively infiltrated by inflammatory mononuclear cells. S 5682, registered as Daflon, 500 mg, is a purified micronized flavonoid fraction (90% diosmin, 10% hesperidin), which has been shown to possess antiinflammatory properties, including anti-free radical activity, effects on vascular permeability, venous tone, and perivenous inflammation. We studied the effect of S 5682 on the course of pancreatic insulitis in diabetic BB rats. All the diabetic BB rats were hyperglycemic, with an increase of plasma levels of fructosamine, α-1 acid glycoprotein, and fibrinogen, and a dramatic decrease of C-peptide level. These parameters were not modified by S 5682. Pancreas histologic studies showed that in S 5682-treated diabetic BB rats, lymphocytic infiltration of Langerhans islets was less important and frequent than in untreated diabetic BB rats. By quantitative analysis, a highly significant difference was observed for insulitis, as well as perivasculitis, between S 5682-treated and untreated diabetic BB rats. This inhibitory effect of S 5682 on pancreatic mononuclear cell infiltration may be useful for a complementary treatment to decrease the development of insulitis in human insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

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