Pancreatitis: Global Research Activities and Gender Imbalances

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Despite the high impact of acute and chronic pancreatitis on the global burden of disease, no scientometric evaluation in this research field has yet been conducted. Therefore, we have issued an analysis in the field of pancreatitis research covering the past 112 years.


Data were retrieved from the Web of Science database. Density-equalizing mapping and large-scale data analysis were used to visualize bilateral and multilateral research cooperation.


Finland is the only 1 of the 15 most productive countries showing a ratio in favor of female scientists. The United States is the most productive supplier with 24.1% of all publications. The most successful international cooperation proved to be the one between the United States and Germany. Although the United States holds the highest h-index, Switzerland obtains by far the highest citation rate. China, Russia, and India show only little international cooperation, given their scientific productivity.


For the benefit of scientific progress, more countries with considerable numbers of patients should contribute to international collaborations and female researchers should be encouraged and supported.

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