Dietrich Object Relations and Object Representations Scale: Convergent and Discriminant Validity and Factor Structure

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This study introduces a relatively new psychoanalytic object relations scale and assesses convergent and discriminant validity and factor structure. The scale was applied to Thematic Apperception Test data. One hundred and two psychiatric subjects and 48 nonpsychiatric volunteers were included in the study. Factor analysis revealed one structural factor and one content factor. Convergent validity was supported through correlations between the factors and the Conceptual Level of Object Representations Scale (Blatt, Chevron, Quinlan, Schaffer, & Wein, 1988). The content factor correlated with mutuality of autonomy (Urist, 1977; Urist & Shill, 1982), whereas the structural factor did not. Discriminant validity was supported via correlations with two measures of verbal ability.

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