Do Cultural and Sociodemographic Variables Matter in the Study of Psychoanalysis? A Follow-Up Comment and Simple Suggestion

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In this follow up comment to Watkins (2012), I consider how diversity variables have been incorporated into or impacted treatment research on psychoanalysis. Thirteen studies of psychoanalysis (including over 1,100 analysands), January, 1960 to April, 2010, drawn from three recent treatment meta-analyses were reviewed to determine the race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, and educational level of research participants. Virtually none of the studies provided any information whatsoever on race/ethnicity, and most either provided incomplete or no information on socioeconomic status and educational level. Compared with the earlier article (Watkins, 2012), these results point to “more of the same” cultural/demographic neglect if not worse. Health disparities research—which provides a useful model of correct recording and reporting practices—is accentuated as having merit for psychoanalytic study and providing direction for remedy.

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