A FUTURE PROJECT OF PSYCHOANALYTIC PSYCHOTHERAPY: Revisiting the Debate Between Classical/Commitment and Analytic Therapies

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This article revisits the distinctions between and limitations of classical and analytic therapies with the aims of further clarifying each and, more importantly, proposing a future project for psychoanalytic therapies. More particularly, it is argued that psychoanalysis, although not a “commitment” therapy, can offer some patients a safe space to analyze their commitments with the aims of (a) understanding their conscious and unconscious motivations vis-à-vis living a life in common with particular others, (b) exploring their childhood experiences of committed others, (c) assessing the positive and negative consequences of their commitments, and (d) inviting them to consider choosing to live a life in common with a particular good enough community and its traditions. Implicit in this fourth aim is thoughtful attention paid to the criteria vis-à-vis a good enough community.

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