Antiparasitic effect of calcium and magnesium ion-free buffer treatments against a common monogenean Neobenedenia girellae

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This study investigated a new effective method for controlling the capsalid monogenean Neobenedenia girellae. We examined in vitro and in vivo the effect on the percentage survival of N. girellae in buffers containing different metallic ions. Decreased survival was observed in buffer solutions lacking two ions. In particular, the percentage survival of N. girellae was significantly decreased after 10 min exposure to buffer containing neither Ca2+ nor Mg2+. Transmission electron microscopic observations showed that treatment with this buffer disrupted intercellular junctions. This significant effect on percentage survival of N. girellae using Ca2+/Mg2+-free buffer was confirmed in an in vivo assay. Ca2+/Mg2+-free buffer had no effect on the condition of the host, spotted halibut Verasper variegates (Pleuronectidae). These results suggest that treatment with Ca2+/Mg2+-free buffer is a new effective control method, which could replace existing control methods.

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