Forgiveness and Religious Faith in Roman Catholic Married Couples
Age and Gender Differences in Adaptation and Subjective Well-being of Older Adults Residing in Monastic Religious Communities
Media and Metanoia:
The Subject of Pastoral Care:
The Pastor and Bioethics
Religion and Forgiveness from a Hong Kong Chinese Perspective
The Search For Spiritual Authenticity
Countertransference and Large Group Dynamics in the church:Reflections on Pamela Cooper-White's, Shared wisdom: Use of the self in pastoral care and counseling
Pastoral Theological Reflections on Pamela Cooper-White's Shared Wisdom:
Wisdom in Pastoral Care and Counseling:
“Leaking Roofs Matter.” Responding to Pamela Cooper-White's Shared Wisdom: Use of the self in pastoral care and counseling. Person, Culture, and Religion Pre-session, American Academy of Religion, Philadelphia, PA, November 18, 2005
Shared Wisdom:
Shared Wisdom:
The American Nightmare
Film Review of the Movie Crash