Introduction to “Multicultural Counseling in the Asian-Pacific Context”
Religion and Self: Notions from a Cultural Psychological Perspective
Altered States in the Church and Clinic
Pro-Active Intercultural Pastoral Care and Counseling with Lesbian Women and Gay Men
Conversion Studies, Pastoral Counseling, and Cultural Studies: Engaging and Embracing a New Paradigm
My Way to Intercultural Pastoral Care: Experiences and Insights of a German in Brazil
Notes on Diversity and Working Together Across Cultures on Traumatization and Forgiveness: Siblings by Choice
A Cross-Cultural Case for Convergence in Pastoral Thinking and Training
Spirituality of Trans-Borders: A Narrative of Transformation of a Korean Sex Slave
Korean Pastors and Their Wives' Marital Satisfaction and Its Predicting Factors
Is There a Korean Contribution to U.S. Pastoral Theology?
Review of Alvin Dueck and Kevin Reimer's A Peaceable Psychology: Christian Therapy in a World of Many Cultures
Donald F. Schwab Therapist as Priest: The Spiritual Dimensions of a Therapeutic Relationship