Tribute to Don S. Browning (1934-2010)
Introduction to Forum: Graceful Eldercare
“Don't Give Up on Them”: Older Adults with Physical Limitations
Becoming Sanctuary
Women and Aging: Insights for Care from a Clinical Perspective
Congregations and Older Adult Resources
Forever Young: Pastoral Care and the Experience of “Aging,” Reconsidered
Asian Medicine and Holistic Aging
Spirituality in Older Adulthood: Existential Meaning, Productivity, and Life Events
Spiritual Autobiography and Older Adults
Combating Ageism with Narrative and Intergroup Contact: Possibilities of Intergenerational Connections
Companions in Presence: Animal Assistants and Eldercare
Pastoral Counseling Down Under: A Survey of Australian Clergy
The Other Mindful Practice: Centering Prayer & Psychotherapy
Freud's Wolf Man: A Case of Successful Religious Sublimation
An Overdue Reunion
A Pastoral Analysis of the Three Pillars of U.S. Hegemony—“Free Market” Capitalism, Militarism, and Exceptionalism